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Denture Without a Palate or Palateless Denture


In the realm of dental treatments, prioritizing comfort and practicality is essential. For a lot of people, standard dentures present a range of issues, one of which is the discomfort that arises from the denture’s palate covering.

This is the scenario where dentures without a palate step in, providing a more comfortable and visually appealing option. In this article, we will delve into the concept of dentures without a palate, their advantages, and most importantly, the expenses involved.


What are Palateless Dentures?


Explanation and Summary Dentures without a palate, also referred to as implant-supported overdentures, are a kind of denture that does not extend over the top of the mouth (palate). They are usually held in position by dental implants, which provide a stable foundation for the denture.

Functionality These dentures depend on a selection of dental implants that securely position the denture, removing the necessity for a complete palate cover. This leads to enhanced comfort, the ability to taste food better, and improved speech for the individual wearing them.

Advantages of Palateless Dentures

Increased Comfort: Without the palate covering, individuals feel less discomfort and a more organic sensation.

Enhanced Flavor and Speech: The palate covering may hinder the sense of taste and clarity in speech. Dentures without a palate solve these problems, leading to improved flavor perception and clearer speech.

Stability: Supported by dental implants, dentures without a palate provide more stability, solving the frequent issue of dentures moving around.

Aesthetic Value: These dentures offer a more natural appearance and sensation, boosting the wearer’s self-assurance.

Variables Affecting the Price of Denture Without Teeth


Quantity of Implants – The amount of dental implants needed can greatly impact the total expense. Usually, at least two implants are necessary, but the number might increase based on the individual situation.

Material Value – The price of materials for both the implants and the dentures can differ. Superior materials tend to be more costly.

Location Matters – The price can also differ based on the location and the particular dental clinic. Cities with higher living expenses usually have more expensive dental services.

Extra Treatments – Some individuals might need extra treatments like bone grafting or tooth extractions, which can increase the total cost.

Average Price Range for Palateless Dentures from £1400



Immediate Temporary Denture

From £650

Partial Acrylic Denture

From £985

Full Acrylic Denture

From £1,550

Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture

From £1,495

Full Chrome Cobalt Denture

From £1,785

Is it a Good Investment for Palateless Dentures

Although the upfront expense might appear steep, numerous individuals discover that the advantages of dentures without a palate—like increased comfort, improved performance, and boosted self-assurance—justify the expense. Moreover, their lasting nature and the decreased necessity for modifications as opposed to conventional dentures can lead to savings over time.


Denture options without a palate are a major breakthrough in dental restorations, providing improved comfort and performance for wearers. Although the expense may be high, knowing the elements that affect this price can assist in making a knowledgeable choice. Should you be thinking about getting dentures without a palate, seek advice from a dental expert to talk about your unique requirements and financial situation.

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